Saturday, June 16, 2018

Rest and Remember God

"And Moses said to the people, 'Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, 
which he will work for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, 
you shall never see again.  The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.'"  
Exodus 14:13-14

Hello, Sweet n Sassy Creatives!!
Journaling a bit in Exodus today.  I was surprised to find that I hadn't yet journaled on this page, or anywhere near it.  I better go back over it, yes? :D

Hmmm…"you have only to be silent."  At this moment in time, Moses is desperately trying to calm a nation who feels they're on the verge of utter annihilation.  The Eygyptians are closing in behind them, and they have nothing but a vast sea full of doubt in front!  They begin to cry out in agony over the impending capture - or slaughter - by Pharoah's army.  I cannot imagine the sound of torturous cries from millions of people; I cannot imagine what Moses must have thought as the forces of hysteria and panic moved in. 
Moses strains with resolve to be heard among the complaints, and with it pleas with the Israelites to continue to believe and be still!  I don't think Moses did what any kindergarten teacher would do in a room full of 30+ rowdy 5 year olds.  *finger to his lips* "Ok, people hush now.  Hush, please.  Ssshh, people of Israel.  Let's use our indoor voices; we don't need to worry about big, bad army." 
The context would suggest that his voice and righteous indignation had to be carried over a crowd of wailing and mourning.  "PEOPLE!  The Egyptians have nothing on our God!  Watch and see that He has already gone before you!  He will save us, so SHUT IT!" 

My thoughts for this journaling page were just to create something that looked like a body of water.  I used distress ink oxides to achieve the look of water and reflections, then used the "Texture Tile 2" stamp set to bring out some highlights in the water.  It helped to have the "Beach Blessings" printables, by our very own, Diane Noble - I had an enormous supply of water critters to choose from: starfish, shells, nets, birds, anchors, etc.  This time, the starfish at the bottom of the sea (which is where the Egyptian army ended up), were used.  I printed them on Avery sticker paper so they're see-through. 

After that, I created a tip down with one of the printable journaling cards from the set, with a simple sentiment: Rest, and remember God. 

Moses wasn't trying to cheer a nation of cry-babies up; he was reaffirming the confidence they once had in God Almighty to work in THIS situation, too.  God had proven His power among idolatrous Egypt.  He'd gone far beyond ANYTHING the "magicians" could do.  And He'd showed Himself worthy of praise and trust when He calmly ushered all millions of Hebrews out the city gates. 

Rest, and remember God.  I know I'm not alone in this; I know that I'm not the only one who has struggled to keep my cool when things heat up.  I know I'm in "good company" when I share that I've misplaced my trust in the One who has brought me out of my bondage to sin.  Let me tell you right now, God is not surprised by ANY SINGLE ONE of our hissy fits or lack-luster outbursts.  Unfortunately, however, it's the hard lessons that teach us, so if we have to go through a time of heartbreak and uncertainty, God will allow it if it means we get closer to Him.  And at first we may tantrum and complain, but when we realize that He's GOD ALMIGHTY, we'll see waters part and Egyptians drown right before our eyes. 

We can rest and remember that God has delivered and rescued us before - He plans on doing it again.  Both in the here and now, and for eternity future!
We can rest and remember that whatever God is working in our circumstances, there's much more going on in our heart - a greater growth and mutation for His glory is happening that really cannot be seen!  Praise His holy name!
We can rest and remember that though it seems the chaos swarms like angry hornets around us, God is preparing and shaping us for at Eternity of peace and harmony.  "We need only be silent."  We need only to wait.  We need only to trust. 

The Israelites learned some valuable lessons - besides humility - there at the Red Sea.  God does not operate by man's rules and expectations.  His love goes so far beyond what we can imagine and He will do everything in HIS power and in HIS will to show us His glory that we may praise and trust Him.  Oh, that I could trust Him more!

Much love,

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