Sunday, January 31, 2016

To Prep or Not to Prep??

It's a question that gets asked all the time when it comes to worshipping creatively in your Bible. Should I do something to prepare my page first? What is gesso? What if my pens or stamps *gasp* bleed through?!

The answer is one of personal preference. I'm not a professional artist but I have created at least 100 Bible pages. I don't prep my pages. At. All. And I'm going to explain why. (I'm also including the fronts & backs of some pages so you can see what non-prepped pages look like!)

Reason #1: this Mama just ain't got the time! Seriously. It adds several steps with applying, waiting for the medium to dry, and cleaning your application tool. When I'm spending some precious time worshiping creatively, I just want to dive right in & spend as much time interacting with the Word as possible. 

Reason #2: After using a matte gel medium to prep about a half a dozen pages, I found that it was more trouble than it's worth. It did prevent bleed through, I'll grant that. It left a slightly slick surface that was *not* friendly to erasing whatsoever. (And this girl knows how to work an eraser!) It would smear my black journaling pen too. That was the most frustrating part that after all my heart went into this page now the words were smeared. (I know other people have experienced the same.)

And as for bleed through? I just deal with it. Paints (the ones I use) do NOT bleed through. When a pen or stamp happens to, then I just use paint or an embellishment or a cardstock journaling spot to cover that up.

And if YOUR pen does bleed through? If YOU make a mess of the backside of page? Don't let this trip you up. Satan is looking for ways to deter you from enjoying your time with God and this is the perfect way for Him to do it. We all want to create something beautiful, but ultimately the goal is *worship* and for our hearts to grow in faith, not a museum-worthy work of art.

Again, it's really just personal preference and this is just what I do! Your mileage may vary. ;-)

Great Reward

Hi friends! I'm so excited about this new blog & being able to share all of my creative worship ideas with you! One of the greatest blessings I have found about the Bible journaling community is the PEOPLE who are in it. Be sure to invite your friends here so that we can all enjoy not only inspiration, but wonderful company. Also, don't miss our Creative Worship Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your creative pages, and be encouraged!

I'm kicking off the sharing with this page I created with one of our newest releases! I was reading the end of Matthew 19 and was struck by the disciples questioning the high cost of following Jesus.

Everything is hand-lettered and I added a vellum tab at the top using our banners die set. The background was made with my trusty watercolor set. I love the way the yellows & oranges melt together. And isn't that heart banner just adorable??! Let me know if you have any questions!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Introducing Creative Worship

Thanks for hopping along with us for the Creative Worship Blog Hop celebrating the launch of our very first bible journaling kit!

I am sharing two pages with you today featuring our Lovin' God's Word kit. Don't forget, it's only available while supplies last or through February 11th, whichever comes first.

Please visit the rest of the Design Team blogs found below. They have outdone themselves with all their wonderful creations! :)

Blessings in your creative worship,