Saturday, March 24, 2018

Your Identity

I want to propose an idea for you to ponder today and it is this…  “The battles you are facing now are more about who you are becoming and less about who you've been!!!”
Your past is covered under the blood of Jesus but the enemy of your soul seeks to destroy your future.

Growing up I was a pretty confident gal. It wasn't until my adulthood when I began to purpose in my heart to do kingdom business that I began to struggle with confidence issues, self worth, and my true identity. Seems a bit backwards right? One would think that the closer you grow to the Lord the freer you would be in who He created you to be. Yes, this is true but you have to get there 1st and there is a learning curve. The reason it seems a little backwards is because only when I was about my Father’s business was I a threat to the enemy. I was saved, living for Jesus, being the best mom & wife if could, but I wasn't impacting people around me for His kingdom. Satan is not threatened by these things. He doesn't mind if you are saved, he just wants you POWERLESS and INEFFECTIVE for God. When I began to minister to others, walk in my purpose & calling, allowing God to use me in various ways, that's when Satan took notice and boy did he ever take notice. He knows we are girls full of emotions and he knows how to push our hot topic buttons - the ones where our identity is in question. The attacks came and they would shake me to my core. Key word “would”. 

I tell you this to let you in on a secret... We all have or still do at times struggle with walking out our true identity found in Christ alone. The difference is that now we do not allow it to consume us. The thoughts come in our head and we can't help that. It's what we do with them at that point that really matters. To walk in freedom is to be knowledgable of God's Word and put it into practice. I encourage you to be a student of His Word & be a good student at that. When the enemy comes to attack, you just come right back at him with the Word of God. Either what’s already inside you because you have studied to show yourself approved (2 Tim 2:15) or that which you have looked up to correspond with the attack. Taking thoughts captive looks a whole lots like a pep talk to yourself using the Word as the megaphone. A feeling of unworthiness jumps up in your heart, you say to yourself "no, I am a daughter of the most high God purchased with a great price. I am valuable, loved, and worthy because of Jesus." A thought enters your head about you not being good enough; you speak to the lie in Jesus name and say “no way devil. You are a liar! I am enough because Christ is enough and He lives in me”. You don't need to sound overly spiritual you just need to be matter of fact. You need to speak God's Word over yourself and directly to the lie the enemy had placed in your head. 

When we know He has called us by name (Is 43:1) and He dances over us with singing (Zeph 3:17). When we understand that nothing we can do can change God's mind about loving us (Romans 8:38-39) and that He renews His love for us every morning (Lam 3:22-23). When we allow the truth to transform our minds (Rom 12:2) we are set free and can live out that purpose for which we are called to - and in CONFIDENCE. 

Wield the Sword of the Spirit (Gods Word) over yourself. Tuck these verses (and more) into your pocket. Hold them close to your heart. When you are feeling deflated, unworthy, or unloved... Pull out what you’ve tucked in there and remind yourself that you are a daughter of the most Hight God and that He is crazy about you. The devil will flee and you will walk in freedom. Now, it may take a few minutes for your emotions to catch up with your heart and you might need to speak multiple verses over yourself before you see the change. It will get easier and easier and as time goes on you will become stronger and more confident in the Word. 

The more you are able to take these lies captive and speak truth to yourself the freer you will become and the easier it gets to let it go and walk in confidence. Once Satan realizes he doesn't have power over you anymore then you won't have to deal with it constantly. The enemy wants to cripple you but you now make HIM POWERLESS when you speak the Word of God to him. God will ALWAYS give you the grace and strength to get through the feelings of anything less than a mighty woman of God that YOU are! You are Worthy!

Art: Clear sticker paper and what NOT to do. lol :)
I used some IF printables to complement the awesome SNSS Hello My Name Is 
stamp set.  There were some things I learned along the way. 

1. Ink takes a bit longer to dry on sticker paper & it smudges easier so watch out.
2. When stamping, the ink will bleed and the once crisp image will then become a bit fuzzy around the edges over time as it dries.
3. If you try and take a q-tip to clean up the smudges then it takes off the matte finish of the sticker paper and you see shiny spots.
4. Your pen tends to 'scratch' off the coating as well and can't write as easily.

Even though they have some quirks sticker paper is still a fave technique of mine.

Be blessed! Be encouraged!
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  1. Great post! You’ve referenced a lot of great passages. Your page is really cute!