Thursday, March 1, 2018

Lessons from Leviticus...

Hi friends,

I've been reading through Leviticus in my Bible reading plan and have been really blessed and challenged by the truths revealed in this book. In the past I have found this part of Scripture difficult, and have often given up my quest to read the Bible through at this point, but this year has been different. I dug out some commentaries and Bible studies to help me and the Holy Spirit has been wonderfully dropping nuggets of truth into my heart as I read.

This first page was about not holding a grudge against people in your community - wow, this is a tough one. It is so easy to get offended with people in our communities, whether family, church or wider community. But God tells us clearly not to hold grudge against anyone, but to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. One of the striking features of this chapter (Leviticus 19) is the repeated phrases 'I am the Lord' and 'I am the Lord your God.' These commands about the way we are to live are rooted in who God is and His desire to dwell among us.

The very next page had this reminder that God has always been interested in the way His people treat those who are foreigners and strangers among them. We are not to treat them as less than us or different from us, but we are to welcome them among us and love them as we love ourselves. The heart of God hasn't changed since the time of the Israelites in the wilderness - God still wants us to be hospitable and loving to those from other lands who come and live alongside us.

For these pages I used the cute Love Your Neighbor set, as well as Mini Grunge Type Alpha:

I encourage you to dig into those parts of Scripture you may find more challenging, to ask God to reveal His truth to you, and to use some of the amazing resources available to help your study. God is always faithful to give us wisdom when we ask in faith.
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