Friday, August 10, 2018

Directing our children...

Proverbs 22:6
"Direct your children onto the right path, 
and when they are older, they will not leave it."

It's almost the middle of August and we have all seen the back-to-school commercials, store displays and flyers. Everyone is getting ready to send their kids back to school after a short and fun summer. For me, it will be my first time officially sending my kid off to school. In the fall my oldest child will start kindergarten! How did this happen?!? I'm excited but also scared. My heart is filled with so many emotions as we get ready to start this new chapter in her life, that all I can really do to prepare is pray. 

I stay home with my kids so sending her off to full time school is opening a whole new world for her. She seems pretty excited and I show her how excited I am for her, but inside I hide the little fears and anxious feelings I hold about this big change for all of us. Before now, her world basically consisted in the confines of our house, friends, and family. Now, she will be venturing out into to world of public schools. I have heard from friends that its a great school..... but I struggle with how much is out of my control. 

Even knowing that much is out of my control, I know I can find comfort in God. When I am not with her, He will be with her each day! And I also need to find comfort and hope in all of the things I have done to prepare her for her first days of school. I pray that she remembers the things I have told her about how we treat others, being polite, being patient, respectful, and the list goes on. And above all I pray she has fun, makes new friends, and learns a lot! Though this is my first child, I imagine every parent has these worries as a new school year approaches. We all need to pray for wisdom for our children as they enter another school year. So many new things and new challenges. But, I hope that will everything my husband and I have taught her so far, she will have a great first year, and we will be right by her side the whole way!

So to finish my page I wrote a small note to Madison to read in the future. I did this entry in the bible I have been working on for her. This bible has various different mementos from her early years, so this page in honor of her starting Kindergarten will be a great one for her to look back on. 

Blessings on all the students, teachers, and parents as everyone heads back to school in the fall!

Stephanie Gammon

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