Thursday, July 20, 2017

Got Good News?

Throughout the course of any given day we are likely to share a lot of good news with others.  A great deal at a store, a new way of doing something, happy news in the family might be a few bits of good news we encounter every day.  Yet there is no better news for the human race that the great news of Jesus Christ.  That a high and holy God of heaven would stoop to earth desiring to draw us into relationship with Him is amazing enough.  That His love is so big and so broad that He would sacrifice His Son for us is breath-taking news.  We who are believers have been given a precious gift, and it's certainly a gift with no end.  We can extend to others the same good news we received when we trusted Christ.

Whoever believes can have eternal life with the Father.  What better news could there be? So why don't we share THAT news more often?  If you frequent our Creative Worship Facebook page, I invite you to take a peek at another page I did with the fabulous Rebecca Rios set, Send Me.  On my post there I did a video devotional and offered some practical ways to make sharing the Gospel a little easier, a little less intimidating.  I hope you'll check it out.  The video is in two parts.  Part 1 explains the passage and the design plan.  Part 2 is the devotional part of the video.

I absolutely love this new set, Send Me.  It has amazing and abundant possibilities.  Just scroll through our posts here to see what some of the other designers have done with this.  Such a fun set.

I also used the sweet phrase, "don't be afraid" from the set Fly High.  In my video I discuss ways to overcome your fear of sharing the Good News with others.

Thanks so much for peeking in!

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