Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Where was I?

I’ve always been interested in the story of Job. How his life gets turned upside down and he still keeps his faith. He got lectures from all of his friends, they thought that they knew what he had to do or what he did wrong. And then God starts speaking… We think we know everything, we think we can earn a lot in our lives but in comparison to God we are so, so small. He created the earth, the heavens, every tree, all the creatures and even you. I can think that I know a lot  but… where was I when the world was made? God has the last word. He created the entire world. When I don’t see the plan, that doesn’t mean there is no plan. God definitely knows what He’s doing.
I prepared my page with clear gesso and stamped my images with black ink. After that I wrote down the sentence 'where was I when the world was made' and added a dashed border around the world. I masked the earth and blended out some blue ink around the world. I didn't wait long enough so the words smudged a little bit... I colored the images with colored pencils and added some rub ons to finish the page.

I used two stamp sets for this page, Awesome Thoughts and Send Me: 

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  1. Love it! Your use of the both sets is fabulous. Great page.