Monday, July 10, 2017

Send Me

Hi friends! I have been wanting to share this for a while now! As soon as I got this set I knew that I wanted to use it with my middle school bible journaling group! It's pretty awesome how it all worked out, God is so good! I have a girl in my group that just got back from working with her family in Jordan for two years. I asked it they would share with us and the daughter, Natalie shared her experiences with us all by herself. She's only 12 and she got up in front of the whole group and talked to the girls about her time there. We learned about customs of the Jordanians and their culture and how they differ from her Christian culture. It was really very interesting. She shared with us that she was able to travel and see where John the Baptist baptized Jesus. They lived on top of a church while working there. It was really an eye opener for some of my girls to see that we are lucky to be able to worship God the way we do and they we are lucky to live in American to have religious freedom! We journaled in Matthew -The Great Commission -Therefore go out and make disciples of all the nations. We talked about how we all can't get on a plane and fly somewhere but that we can serve our community here the way Jesus would want us to. We are working on a service project to help the needy by collecting paper towels, toiletries, razors, etc. We will have a service day too, to help pass them out. Be the hands and feet, right!
Above is a picture of some of the girls pages using the new Sweet-n-Sassy stamp set called Send me. They loved this set! I made a few examples to show the girls , because really there are so many options using this set!
I really enjoyed using this set myself!
My process for my page was pretty simple. I stamped everything first. Then I used my pitt pens (markers) to color everything in. I added some washi tape at the bottom and top. I felt like it was missing something so I used some polka dot washi to fill in the gaps. I also stamped a cloud on patterned scrapbook paper and cut it out to make a tab and washi taped that in. Easy Peasy! I love being able to share these stamps with my group! I know this wont be the only time we use them! I challenge you today to think about who you could share your bible journaling with! Grab a few sets today and go out into the world and make disciples using bible journaling!!! Have an amazing week! Love-Bridgett

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