Sunday, July 2, 2017

Child of the King - Romans 8

You didn’t receive a spirit of slavery to lead you back again into fear, but you received a Spirit that shows you are adopted as his children. With this Spirit, we cry, “Abba, Father.” - Romans 8:15

Hello everyone! Today I want to show you a page I made with two stamp sets: mini grunge alpha and Child of the King. I love the smaller alphabet because you can just stamp an entire sentence and you’ll still have room to add something else ;). Child of the King had just the perfect elements for this page; the little diamonds and the crown were perfect for this part of Romans (Romans 8:12-17). And of course the sentiment: child of the King matched this part too.

I prepared my page with clear gesso (I use a Dutch journaling bible with extremely thin pages, almost every waterproof ink will bleed through so that’s why I prepare my pages) and started stamping the sentence ‘always wear your invisible crown’. When I stamped the sentence I ended with the word ‘crown’ from the stamp set ‘Child of the King’ but when I finished the stamping I thought the lettering didn’t really match the rest of the sentence so I decided to add some white gesso on top of the stamped word and stamp the word crown with the mini grunge alpha too. I think it would be hard to see if I used another background. But these crayons got a lot less color on the white gesso than on the rest of the page so you can still see that I tried to fix the page. I don’t really mind it (I learned to be a little bit less hard on myself when it comes to journaling mistakes ;)), but it gives a weird color change in the middle of the page. I colored the background with wax crayons that I blended out with odorless mineral spirits. After that I colored the images with colored pencils.
Have a nice day!!
- Lucinde

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  1. Love both the artwork and the message!!! So absolutely sweet!