Saturday, January 22, 2022

Knit Together in Love...

Hi friends,

When Paul wrote to the churches, he let them know what he was wanting, hoping, and praying for them. We find one of these expressions in Colossians 2:2, where Paul is telling the church at Colossae what he wants, not just for them, but for another church in the area at Laodicea. He wants them to be encouraged and knit together with strong bonds of love. 

Notice that Paul didn't say that it was strong bonds of doctrine, or strong bonds of political agreement, or strong bonds of cultural practice. No - the strong bond he knew would knit together people from various backgrounds and colours and cultures and experiences and opinions was the bond of love. It is unconditional love that is the glue that holds relationships together. We see this kind of love first displayed in God, as he revealed himself in the Old Testament as being slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. And we see this love made human in Jesus Christ, who demonstrated so perfectly the extent to which love would go for those who did not deserve it. 

Paul describes this love in 1 Corinthians 13, and it is this love that binds us together as the family of God; brothers and sisters who worship the Father together with the Son, filled with the Holy Spirit. Despite our differences in doctrine, political opinions, cultural lenses, experiences, or anything else which distinguishes us from one another, the love of God in Christ, expressed to one another, is what knits us together. Perhaps we should be spending more time dwelling upon and speaking about the love of God and demonstrating love to one another, rather than trying to win the latest argument on social media? 

I used the new Knit Together stamp set on this page, along with His Love, Sweet & Simple Alpha, and Chunky Lowercase Alpha. I created the background using acrylic paints and cling film, smooshing the paint onto the page through the cling film, which was lots of fun. I then used the Geometric Background pattern to add the harlequin design over the top, colouring with glitter markers for some shimmer. 

Let's seek to be knit together by strong ties of love and show the world what it means to love one another as Christ has first loved us.

Be blessed...
x Amy x

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