Saturday, January 25, 2020

Strength in Weakness...

Hi friends,

We live in a world that values power and strength, and looks down on weakness as a negative thing. I personally don't like the notion of being weak. I don't know about you, but I look for ways to become stronger or to hide my weaknesses. But in the kingdom of God, things are upside down from the way the world operates.

Paul, who could boast in his pedigree and many accomplishments (see Philippians 3), chose instead to boast in his weakness, because he knew that when he was weak, the power of Christ was strong in him. You see, when we have nothing to offer in ourselves, we can only rely on and point to Christ in us, and that is a reason to rejoice.

This is how Paul could be content in hardship, weakness, even calamities, because he knew that when he was weak in these situations, he was actually strong because Christ's power was at work in him. So too with us. Instead of running from weakness or pain, perhaps we need to learn to rest in the strength of Christ in us, knowing that in the 'upside down' kingdom of God, weakness is actually strength in submission and reliance on Jesus.

I used one of the verses from the new Grace so Amazing set released this month, along with the adorable deer image from Fur-ever Friends and the flowers from Birds & Blooms. The images were stamped with Versamagic and watercoloured using Art Philosophy watercolours. Here are the sets I used:

I pray that we would learn to rely on the strength of Christ in us when we feel weak, for when we are weak he is strong.

Be blessed...

x Amy x

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