Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Journaling Cards

Hey guys,
I'm thrilled to be sharing this blog with you as it involves the making of something that has become a huge help to me in my Bible journaling:  journaling cards.
There are many ways to use these.  I love being able to put them in my Bible as a tip-in and such, but I've seen many use this similar idea for card making, planning, and just basic paper crafting!  It's such a fun technique.  I'm using a couple of April release stamp sets from Sweet n Sassy Stamps today, the affiliate link is right here to get your own!
Additionally, if you check out my Youtube channel, you'll see the full process video of how, what, and why I made these colorful additions to my repertoire. 
As in everything "Bible Journaling," the thing to remember about the creative process is that it's your own.  It's whatever you make it, it's however you achieve it, it's between you and your Maker, and ultimately about bringing Him glory with your creation!  
I want to share a bit about making journaling cards, and why it is that I made an entire tutorial on how you could mass produce them. 
You may want to use these a number of ways.  I use these types of cards in journaling often, whether in my own journaling or otherwise.  More specifically, I've started to make them to give them. 
A while back, I began a different way of creatively worshiping by way of something called "The Loved Bible Project," which in short, is the idea of "loving" a Bible ( usually compact bible - something small and easily toted from one place to another) through journaling notes, prayers, small devotions, and inspirations on a card, then fastening it in some form or fashion to a Bible page.  I've seen page after page of this concept executed in such beautiful ways!  Some use devotionals and some use their own Bible study time to guide their entries, much like any other form of Bible journaling. 
For me, it encourages growth in prayer and study, and the fruit of those things goes into this little Bible that God has led me to give!  I love it! 
I've been led to give it to a young lady who will be graduating from high school soon and will be venturing out on her very own for the very first time as she begins her college career. 
My hope is that she will look at this as a gift and love offering from me, but more importantly as a reference and tool to aid her in her walk with God in this new life!

I've been enjoying the entirety of this process!  From the paper prepping to the implementation of it, I've been able to work through my own struggles in creativity, my own lack of confidence in artistry, to come out on the other side a little more developed!  God is certainly a Master Creator, giving us each a piece of Himself as we learn how He's gifted us!  He's so good!

If you're interested in finding out more about The Loved Bible Project, I've provided several links below wherein you'll find the explanations of how "loving a Bible" works, as well as AMPLE inspirational pages, and what YOU could do to participate in this journey!

Much love,
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Stamps used: "Cheerful Hexies" & "Surrounded in Prayer"

Loved Bible Project
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