Saturday, March 23, 2019

Go and Tell, Girls!

Hi friends,

One of the details I love about the account of the resurrection of Jesus is that it was women who were told to go and tell others that he had risen. It was women who tended the body of Jesus and who visited the tomb faithfully, and it was women who the angel told and Jesus met after he had risen.

Often women can feel inferior or exempt when it comes to the preaching of the gospel or the bold declaration of what we have seen and experienced, but here in Matthew 28, it is the women who are commanded by both the angel at the tomb, and the risen Lord Jesus himself, to go and tell the disciples (the brothers!). 

Girls, whatever words we can find we need to declare to our brothers and sisters concerning the good news of the Gospel. Whether that be our own testimonies of God's goodness and salvation in our lives, or the words of Scripture that tell the salvation message (what a good reason to meditate on and memorise Scripture!), we need to GO and TELL. Those who hear us might be incredulous, or unbelieving, or even scornful, but their response is not our responsibility: our responsibility, our mandate from Jesus, is to go and tell.

I thought that these sweet girls from Girl Power 2 would be perfect to 'tell' the messages that are included in the Victory in Jesus set. I stamped the girls, cross and text, then drew the speech bubbles around the words. All the colouring is done with Prima watercolours, and the butterfly is stenciled using VersaMagic Ink. The 'go and tell' was stamped using Skinny Minnie Alpha.

I hope you feel encouraged by this resurrection account to go and tell the good news to others, whatever that looks like in your particular context. We serve a risen Saviour and the world needs to hear that!

Every blessing...

x Amy x

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