Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Living Water

The walls are closing in. You can’t see them. I pretend they aren’t there. I keep walking forward, knowing eventually I’ll escape. I cover my eyes and reach for whatever is near. Whatever will fill or distract me from this ache in my heart. This deep desire I have to live a godly life. To live intentionally. To love others better. To spend time with God. Like real, genuine, quiet communion with the God who saved me...

But instead I pick up my phone. Instead I watch Netflix. Instead I shop. Instead I do something, anything else than what I should. Then guess where I find myself? Guess why those walls are closing in???

Shocker... they are closing in because I let them. Because I didn’t fight for the time to dwell in His presence and drink in the Living Water. Because I chose the temporary distractions that seemed like momentary satisfaction... and I got lost...Again. 

And I’m dehydrated. I’m tired. I’m tired of the same old story. So tonight I go to Him. I go for a drink... of the Living Water that restores my soul. That gives me breathe. That gives me courage to follow Him. 

And only Jesus will satisfy. 

I started by sketching a heart on the page and then adding watercolor in layers. I used the script stamp from Texture Tiles 1 inside the heart. I used Grunge Elements 2 and Typewriter Background stamp to add texture. Then stamped the words with Mini Grunge and Skinny Minnie. 

Thanks for joining me on the blog today!

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