Friday, February 9, 2018

In The Morning

Hey there. 
So how many of y'all are list makers? You schedule out your days, you know what tomorrow looks like before you fall asleep tonight. It helps keep you focused. Less anxious. It helps everything get done. You are the planner queens. Is that you? 
Now how many of you just fly by the seat of your pants? You have some what of schedule, but really you just do it when you feel like it. And if you never feel like it, well you just function until it's chaos and then you do it?  Or you are just calm, and when its done, its done. Is that you? 
Maybe you are an inbetween person.  You sometimes follow a list when its super important. Or you are feeling overwhelmed. Or it's a new year. Or you have a new goal?
So what's all this list talk anyway? Maybe it's not even relevant... But here's where I am going. We make time for the things we value and are important. We just do. Whether we mentally establish a plan or we write it out. We have a game plan. And we get it done. We might wake up late or pull an all nighter. But we do it. 
So why do I so often push my time with God to the bottom of the list? Anyone else fall in this trap? With my words I will tell you God is first, but sometimes, if I'm being honest, He isn't. The schedule is what is controlling my time. 5 more minutes of social media. Or the kids need me, or the crafting is calling my name. There is always something that is pulling me a different direction.

It's about priorities. Lists or a schedule are an act of discipline to keep us in check. They dictate what and who is important. However you manage your time, guess what relationship should be worked on first? 
Jesus spent time with the Father. He got up early. Ok. Ok. I know us sleepy-and-not-so-happy morning people can't handle that. But I think there is something valid about the first part of your day. Praying to God and starting your day with Him. Whether in the shower, during your morning coffee, on your drive to work, or wherever you are in the morning. Taking time to talk with Him. Bring your heart before Him. It's that beautiful quiet space where your heart meets His.
This is such a simple concept. Yet so difficult to follow through... my prayer for myself and all of us, is that we seek Him first. Whether it's right when our feet hit the ground. Or the moment we remember. We give Him our time. We give Him priority. Amen. Amen. 

And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed. 
Mark 1:35 ESV

Let's talk about Art
I used watercolor for the background. I did an online search for watercolor backgrounds with a sunrise. Then used those for inspiration. I started from the bottom up, starting dark to light. Moved  on while the colors were still wet and blended together. Then I dried it, and added more layers to give it a bit of dimension. 
The tree was fun. It's always scary using black. But I just went for it. Drew the trunk. Then I made tree branches all over. You can't see much of them. But I did the whole tree. Then dabbed around in a half circle to make the leaves. This honestly was more a happy accident then planned. Leaving random space in between leaves helped show the branches which gave it a natural like effect. So cool. Last I stamped the IN THE MORNING stamp set. And finished with a tab and washi. 
Thanks so much for joining me on my first blog post with Creative Worship. You can pick up this stamp set here. You can also follow me at Stir the SOUL. 

PS, if you've not heard Fernando Ortego's song, Just Give Me Jesus, go search and listen. Beautiful words and voice. 


  1. Such a great reminder Colleen! Love your watercolor background. Beautifully written and illustrated, my friend.

  2. You always amaze and intrigue me with your backgrounds, Colleen, and this one is no exception. You were BRAVE to try the black and you really nailed it. So dramatic with the bright colors. But I love the message of your post too...always, always it's about the message and finding ways to best give people a visual for the power of the verses we illustrate...and once again you were on point. LOVE your work!