Monday, May 1, 2017


The Lord gave David victory wherever he went. 2 Samuel 8:5,14

Dear Friends,

Are you living in victory?

2 Samuel 7 ends with David's beautiful prayer of trust and praise. 2 Samuel 8 tells us of David's victories in conquering the Philistines, Moabites, and other nations. This was a high point for David. But, as we know, he also had low points. But, David loved God. He trusted God. And we can too.

You may not feel like you're living in victory, but our victory comes from God. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you can claim that victory NOW! Through Jesus, we are forgiven and redeemed. We can fellowship with our Creator. And, we can never lose our salvation. Knowing those truths, we can live in victory even in the lowest of lows. Jesus is our hope. He is our victory. Live that hope and victory no matter what your circumstances are. Is it hard? Yes! But Jesus is with with you always. Rest in Him. Trust in Him.

I wanted to also share some of the process of this page. The Sweet n Sassy Stamps set called Sing Loud has the words "LOUD" and "GLORY" in the same lettering. I wanted to use those stamps to make "LORD". I've done this before by masking the "U" in "LOUD" out and adding in the "R" from "GLORY". Well, without thinking, I stamped "LOUD" onto the page without masking out the "U". EEEK! 

Mistakes happen. And we may have to get creative to fix them! I decided to cover "LOUD" with washi tap and then I cut out the letters for "LORD" from a sticker sheet. Mess-up fixed! 

I used stamps from the following Sweet n Sassy Stamps sets: Scribble Flowers, The Good News, Words of Life: Common Words 1, and Sing Loud. I used watercolor crayons for the color.
Live in victory, friends! Be blessed. Andrea

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