Monday, May 29, 2017

Master of the Sea

Next to my journaling bible I like to have a sketchbook for my bible studies. Right now I'm reading a book with a lot of small studies and they're not about specific messages in the bible but more about how you can involve God in your daily life. So I decided to use my sketchbook for these studies instead of my bible so I can see all the pages right next to each other. Most of the time I use watercolor paper sketchbooks but this time I choose 'regular' paper. So I don't have the advantage of better paper in my sketchbook but I give myself more room to play with different materials than I do when I'm working in my bible. I can let go of my perfectionism in a sketchbook better than when I work in my bible ;). So I just like to have something to play next to my bible journaling.

So today I want to show you one of the pages I made in my sketchbook. For this page I combined two stamp sets that are perfect for each other: Master of the Sea and Living Water. The large waves from Living Water work great with the little ship from Master of the Sea. It shows the great power of God and the great power of the nature that God created. And because He created it, He can tell it what to do. He's the Creator of the universe, the Master of the sea, He controls everything. When there's a storm in your life, He can stop it. Or He can choose to carry you. In your little boat where you feel like everything's going the wrong way but where He is still with you.

For this page I stamped the images with black ink. The waves are from the Living Water stamp set and the other images are from the Master of the Sea stamp set. I created a border around the stamped images with a black pen and wrote down some words I had to think about during the study.

- Lucinde

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