Thursday, May 18, 2017

Do Others See Jesus?

If someone were to be constantly taking random snapshots of our lives, then lay them out as an album of our story, what would they see?  Would they consistently see Jesus through our lives?  What story would your life tell? 

A few years ago a woman came up to me in a church parking lot following a Bible study.  I'd taught Bible studies there for many years.  She was talking specifically about my teaching and was being very gracious and encouraging.  Then she told me something that really made me think. She recounted that she'd been under my teaching a number of times, and loved our studies together.  But something I'd said to her years ago was what really stuck in her head.  We were having a casual conversation apart from any church activity at all.  She was experiencing some difficult life experiences at the time.  She relayed something that I'd told her in that earlier conversation and she said she'd never forget it.  She'd forgotten some of the critical lessons of our Bible studies, but she would never forget what I'd said to her in a casual conversation.  She told me that it caused her to see herself in a whole new light, the light of Jesus.  She said for the first time in her life she could let go of who she'd been and embrace who she was.  THANKFULLY, I'd said something encouraging to her.  But our conversation in the church parking lot shook me a bit because I was riveted on how well, how clearly she remembered some casual, personal, one-on-one conversation from years earlier.  

That time, she saw Jesus in me.  But I got thinking about all the thousands of other conversations I had, interactions with and friends...strangers...and I wondered if every conversation could be described the same.  I fear not.  Sometimes I think me least "seasoned" conversations might be with family.  Just think...our family members more than likely see the REAL album of our lives, not the church one.  It's a constant challenge to put Jesus before us rather than behind us when we are being the most real with those we know the best.

I certainly want other to see Jesus in every aspect of my life.  But having the character traits of Jesus requires measured discipline, and constantly having our witness and testimony on our minds.  It's not
a burden; reflecting Christ should be a joy, a privilege.  It's easier and better to extend grace than to be bitter.  It's more peaceful to be self-controlled than it is to be in a rage.  When we are faithful, we know that pleases God and that make us feel better.

I hope this post will be an exciting live your life in such a way that others always see Jesus.  To think before speaking, to pray before acting...and to pay attention to the Spirit of God in us as we live out our lives.

I used the Sweet 'n Sassy stamps showcased below for this two-page spread.  The photo shots are stamped on designer paper then cut out and the words are just written on the page underneath.

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