Saturday, August 19, 2017

Glory, Grace & Goodness

Hi friends,

I recently had the privilege of attending Hillsong Conference London and whilst there heard a sermon on the glory of God. We saw in Exodus 33:18-19 that when Moses asks the Lord to show him His glory, God causes His GOODNESS to pass in front of him and declares that He is both gracious and merciful.

Often we think of the glory of God as a difficult to grasp concept, beyond our comprehension. And yes, while God is way beyond our comprehension, this link between God's glory and His goodness and grace was one I found incredibly helpful and encouraging.

God wants to manifest His glory in our lives through displays of His goodness and grace. Are we looking for and giving thanks for His glorious work in our lives?

To create this page I applied layers of acrylic paint using a babywipe for the background, then added paint platters and washi tape over the top. The text was created with a combination of stamps
(Child of the King, Skinny Caps Alpha, Mini Grunge Type Alpha and God is Good):

Here are my paint and pen supplies I used on this page...

I hope you've been encouraged today to see God's grace and goodness and displays of His glory in your life!

x Amy x

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