Tuesday, March 28, 2017

It is finished

When I got this stamp set I wondered if there was a place in the bible that literally said that we were paid in full. I found out that the Greek word tetelestai was used on documents to show that a bill was paid in full. And the word tetelestai only appears in the bible twice. Twice in the same paragraph. The moment that Jesus died. For the Greek readers it would be totally clear that the last word from Jesus meant that He paid everything for us. He knew it was completed. He said 'it is finished'. I love this part, that moment... is so full of emotions. It was finished. Jesus died for us... someone díéd for us. There's really no greater love than a man that would die for our sins.

Tetelestai: It is finished, we're paid in full.
I colored this page with pastels and I drawed a couple of borders and some words with a black pen. Everything else on this page is from the stamp set 'The Good News'.

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