Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ruth 2:12

{jane bosi}  This process.  It's a good one!  I started Bible Journaling after lots of encouragement and inspiration here and in a few other forums....but I did more than look at the pictures and it's been exactly what I needed. 

Early one morning, I felt an urge to get inky and knew I wanted to spend some time in the Word.....but where to start?  My mind was still full of the week--kids and work and work and kids.  I had just been offered a new position at the agency I work for and was feeling grateful and a bit overwhelmed.

Then, I happened upon Ruth 1-3.  Such a good story.  Parts of it I wove into my wedding vows over 19 years ago.  This reading and dwelling opened up new pieces (I love how He does that!):

 My first underline was the the verse above, Ruth 2:12.  I was focused on the reward and single mindedly thinking about my promotion.  As I continued to read and reflect, this story really spoke to me and not just about a single reward. It spoke of abiding in His love and a willingness to follow---oh, so many lessons!!

During trials and dark days, I would have succumbed, BUT GOD---safe under his wings.  I could see my story and how He continues to teach me to trust---from right where I am :)

This was a really fun layout to complete--I started by using some feather dies to create a stencil template and then sponged feathers in a random pattern.  I used distress inks because they blend so well without having to add any additional water.  My stamped images, from Sweet N Sassy Stamps, come from the following sets:  Words of Life Collection 1, Words of Life Collection 2, His Wings, and Note This.

Enjoy! Jane


  1. Thanks for sharing your heart and your art, Jane! What a beautiful page!