Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pray for our Leaders

It's something I'm terrible at. I really only think to do it when there is a special event or when the pulpit leads me to. But according to the first few verses of 1 Timothy 2, it IS something I should be doing. I should be lifting up those above me in leadership & those in high positions. My president, my pastor, my boss, my husband. Even if I don't agree with their decisions. *gulp* Especially in these uncertain times leading up to another presidential election, I should be asking God to give those important people wisdom.....that we might live in peace. Because when our leaders make wise decisions, hopefully some "good consequences" will flow down to my life as well.

I used the His Wings set to create a colorful feathered background. I think it's a perfect backdrop and adds interest to the page, while tying in with old Mr. Owl. He reminds me to pray for wisdom for my leaders! Be blessed, y'all!
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  1. So true…thanks for the reminder, Rebecca! Wonderful page…love your owl!