Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hello, my name is...

I love this song and the stamp set too. The words are so recognizable. How often do we think of ourselves in judgmental ways. Bringing ourselves down with our own thoughts and feelings. At least, for me the feelings of regret and not being good enough are returning way too often. 

So today I made a sort of therapeutic page in my journal. At the top and the bottom of the page I wrote down a couple of things that I dislike about myself or that I would like to change. After that I started stamping. I stamped the name tag first and decided to use 'chosen' as the name. I stamped a couple of the other words around the tag to remind me of all the other things I am through God. Saved, beautiful, loved, free. Great things to remember. The other things are better to forget, so I added a black layer of paint on top of it. I blended the black layer out so that I could add some bright yellow in the center of the page. I used acrylic paints so they are a bit translucent (accept for the black color). That way I could still read the 'good words' and the 'bad words' wouldn't be visible anymore.
I used the stamp set 'Hello My Name Is' for this page.

- Lucinde


  1. Love, love, love this background technique! So many stamps!!! Beautifully done, Lucinde!