Saturday, June 24, 2017

Robed in Majesty...

Hi friends,

One of the things I love to do to help with my study of the Bible is to do word studies. When I get a new stamp set I often look up the key words in a concordance or online search and read the scriptures with that word in it. I also like finding out the meaning of the Greek or Hebrew word from which the English comes from. When I received the new Child of the King stamp set I saw the word Majesty and knew I needed to study this word. Majesty means to inspire awe or reverence in the beholder; greatness of appearance, dignity, grandeur and glory. When I looked up the word majesty in the Bible I was struck by how many verses speak about God being clothed or robed in majesty... wow! God is covered with glory, grandeur and dignity and when we behold Him we should be inspired to awe and reverence!

I took a few photos as I created this page so here's a quick tutorial...

Step 1: Stamp the robe and crown image. Use a circular shape to draw around it then a ruler to draw lines to the edges of the pages.

Step 2: Stamp words and letters and arrange alpha stickers to create the text. Go over pencil lines with a fine pen (I used Micron). I stamped the little words on scrap vanilla card and punched out to create the little arrow pieces.

Step 3: Add colour using a water brush and Inktense blocks and some pearl and gold paint.

Step 4: Trace over pen lines with a Faber Castell gold marker and add shadows and darker lines to letters and image.

Be encouraged - no matter what you may be facing, our God is robed in majesty and armed with strength! He is more than able to deliver us from our trials as well as strengthen us while we are in them.

Be blessed!

x Amy x

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