Monday, August 8, 2016

Scribble Flowers

Hiya there Sweet N' Sassy friends!! I am so excited to be on the blog today!!

Let me introduce myself.... My name is Catherine McCain and I have only been acquainted with SNSS for about a month now, and I am TRULY blessed to be.  The amazing people behind the scenes are a breath of fresh air! They truly have a love for Christ and a talent for stamps! I am a 33 year old wife and mom to 4 beautiful girls. I have been Bible Journaling for a little over 2 years now and I'm addicted.  I was very shocked and humble when I was asked to be apart of this amazing company!

OK onto the good stuff.  This month's new releases are to die for! Their latest one, Scribble Flowers, is my favorite so far! Not only does it have the cutest flowers but it has an array of choices! Little flowers, big flowers and some tiny flowers too! The leaf selection makes me stamping fingers tingle! Did I mention that I love all things flowers?

Look how Beautiful.... Image 1

I have loved using these in my bible journaling but today I used them to make a tip in card for my Bible. I even did a small process video to go along.

Here's the finished product!!!
  There is so much more you could do with just this simple stamping. You could color in the flowers and leaves, use colored ink and oh so much more! If you happen to go get these beauties, be sure and post it and tag Sweet N' Sassy Stamps!

Here are a few other projects I used these stamps on! 

Head on over so you too can use these amazing stamps!


  1. Can't hardly wait to get mine.. everything is beautiful

  2. Can't hardly wait to get mine.. everything is beautiful