Monday, August 29, 2016

Draw me close

I received these two stamp sets at the same time and when I opened the envelope and saw the stamp sets together I immediately knew I wanted to use them both on a journaling page. This time I chose to make a page in my art journal instead of my bible because I can use lots of water on my art journal (my Dutch bible has even thinner pages than most English bibles) and I don't have to think about the materials I use. The coloring of this page took some time to do, but that gave me more time to think about the message: Draw me close.
Some days it literally feels like your heart breaks and I think this image really manages to capture the feeling of God as a comforter when you feel heartbroken. I drew a circle as the focal point for my page and used the images and message from the stamp set My Comforter. After I stamped these I masked of the circle and started stamping the flowers around it. The flowers only touch the circle and don't touch each other so that saved me some masks for the flowers ;). I colored this page with watercolor brushes and water.

For this page I used the sets My Comforter and Scribble Flowers

- Lucinde

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