Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Faith, Hope and Joy!

{jane bosi}  Happy Tuesday, Sweet Friends!  I'm always looking for ways to speak my faith in my workplace.  It can be a tricky thing in secular organizations.  Especially, when you work with kids.

Recently, I've had the opportunity to move to a new position in my organization and it's afforded me the huge privilege of having my own office.  I wanted to create a space that would be warm and inviting; where the kids would feel safe and want to come.  I wanted it to reflect my personality and feel homey. So, what better way to accomplish all that than to decorate with my own art pieces?

I completely adore this worshiping girl from I Am Loved and always think that is how my Heavenly Father sees me.  With her as my focal image, I created this 3 x 3 canvas--I love how it turned out!

I really wanted to use the sentiment from I Am Loved, "Holy Spirit, you are welcome here" but the sizing wasn't right.  As I applied layers of paint, stencil, gesso and modge podge, the answer became clear.  With faith, I have hope and because I have hope, I experience joy!  Choose Faith!

My subtle message to "my kids" who come to visit in my office is all about planting a seed.  Maybe they'll ask, maybe they'll wonder, maybe they'll hope......

Maybe, just maybe......Jane

I got crafty with:

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  1. Oh Jane, I love your canvas piece! What a wonderful piece of art to decorate your office space and share your heart as well!