Sunday, June 11, 2023

Word Mapping Psalm 149:4

The Lord takes pleasure in His people. He adorns the humble with salvation.
Psalm 149:4

Hello Friends!
I have to be honest. When I saw the SNSS Word Mapping set, I thought it was cool, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I had never word mapped before. And Deeds creates beautifully detailed word mapping pages. I just wasn’t sure I could do the stamp set justice or muddle through the word mapping. Lol. So, I’ve started small. As I share my word mapping pages, you’ll notice that I pick out a few elements to focus on. I can do that. It helps me not get overwhelmed. And of course, I’m learning about these Hebrew and Greek words which is the whole point, right?! For this verse, I picked out 2 words- in the ESV, they are translated “adorns” and “salvation.” It was interesting to see the Hebrew words and how they are translated in different versions. To my surprise, “salvation” or “victory” in other translations was the word “yesua”with the “e” upside down. (I discovered the upside down e denotes a Hebrew shwa- it indicates either the phoneme /ə/ or the complete absence of a vowel. But I digress.) This word is a feminine noun, but I recognized that it was very close to a  proper male name- Yeshua (Jesus in Greek.) The name Yeshua or Jesus means salvation. It comes from a verb meaning to save or deliver. Jesus is our salvation. He is our victory. Sooooo…The humble are adorned or beautified in Jesus. All that learned just by searching out a couple of words! 😊

Sweet ‘n Sassy Stamps sets used: Word Mapping, God the Father, God is Sovereign, Grunge Dots Stencil. I used distress oxides for the background.

Happy word mapping! Andrea

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