Thursday, December 8, 2016

Silent Night--Really?

I've often wondered what would have been silent about the night Christ was born.  It probably wasn't too quite out in that stable while the biggest miracle since creation was happening.  Rarely is the birth of a child a "silent" activity!  Once the angels broke forth in singing, that had to be gloriously loud.  And as the Light pierced the darkness, surely there was a thunderous applause in heaven!  Thousands of Alleluias sung in perfect harmony by a heavenly choir...totally not silent.  Still the Christmas carol, Silent Night remains the favorite of many because it describes the awesome wonder of the event.  Perhaps for seconds as the Savior was emerging into the world all of heaven stood silently, breathlessly waiting for the miracle of His birth.  But if it was silent, I have no doubt the silence was measure in mere seconds, before the universe responded in a holy cacophony of worship and praise.

I do some of my Bible journaling directly in my Bible, but occasionally I'll move the verse and art to my art journal so I have more room to express.  I used some designer papers for the background Mod-Podging them to the page.  I stamped the title letters, outlined them then cut them out.

Because my pages were larger, I needed larger images to coordinate well with the size of the lettering, so I stamped the images on computer paper, enlarged them with my printer, then colored with Copic markers.  The music is from an old hymnal, so you get an idea of the relative size for everything.

The angels are about 3-1/2 inches stamped and I enlarged them to about 5 inches wide.  That gave me the versatility I needed for my project.

 I enlarged the banner, and the word Alleluia too and just superimposed the word over the banner on my computer to achieve proportion.   All this took some extra time and effort, but I really wanted the size on my page to be right and definitely wanted these particular images.

All the images are colored with Copic markers, but I did use shimmer paint for the angels horn and halo.

I just have to say, I'm absolutely LOVING the new Alpha sets that were released this month.  The script one works perfectly to join the letters together for an unbroken script look.  I love that feature of the Script Alpha by Rebecca Rios.  Beautiful and so easy to use.  It does work better to stamp the letters one at a time.

Shake It Off Caps Alpha          Script Alpha

Celebrate the Savior

Diane Noble

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