Monday, November 21, 2016

I Am Yours

"Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. 
I have called you by name;you are mine."  
Isaiah 43:1  

I woke up Sunday morning in a panic...and cold. Y'all, I live in southeast Texas for a reason. God knew when He created me that I was not one for cold weather. I fully enjoy the Texas heat and am perfectly content not having a White Christmas. So, when a teeny cool front came through, the heater was calling my name. Except there was some sort of disconnect in the call because the heater was not working. Enter my panic and cold Sunday morning. I should also mention that I just moved into a new home and have met my fair share of obstacles, so this little set back sent me back into panic mode. 

On my way to church I was gently reminded, "The heater will be fixed." God is good like that and I wish I could say my panic ceased instantly but you know the pesky enemy wouldn't let up that easy. Oh but that pesky enemy stood no chance compared to my Father who gently eased my worry all through worship. 

Oceans was sung by our worship team and this part of the song has always been my favorite, "I am yours and you are mine." The creator of the universe calls me HIS. The One who conquered death calls me HIS. The one who is and is to come calls me HIS. Do you see where I'm going with this? Life will happen. Mornings can start off crazy and the things of this world can seem overwhelming, but how we react to those moments is what counts. 

All my heater needed was a twist of a valve. All my heart needed was a twist of focus. My focus was on my problem, not on my God. He has taken care of every problem we will ever encounter, from small heater glitches, to big world issues, he has conquered it all. Always remember that you are HIS and He is YOURS. Isn't that so comforting? 

Happy Thanksgiving,

For this post I used the "My Friend" stamp set from Sweet 'N Sassy Stamps found in the link below:


  1. Absolutely Adorable!! Is the stamp really that big??

    1. Hi Laurie! The stamp is large. It measures about 4.25" high and 2" wide. :)